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Monday, August 29, 2016

This Election Vote 'NO' on the Automatic PFD Voter Registration Referendum

I saw this on Facebook the other day

On the Surface it sounds like a great idea but the reason it's not is simple:

Voting is NOT a Right, it's a Privilege

Yes, being involved in the political process is very important! I would know since i'm obsessed with politics. However,  as much as we would like everyone to be involved in the political process, simply put, we must respect people's independence. That includes stopping ourselves from dictating our personal values on the ENTIRE Alaskan population. 

Automatic PFD Voter Registration is the Same as Automatic Gun Buying Registration

Some may bristle and disagree with me arguing that voting is a 'Right'. Ok, let's pretend that voting is a 'Right'...

The Second Amendment is also a Constitutional 'Right', however, that doesn't mean that we should force every 18 year old to purchase a gun just because 'the Second Amendment is a 'Right' and thus must be 'exercised'.  
You see the dialectic argument remains the same; What makes America Great and what makes Alaska Great is the unique individual spirit of our citizens. When you FORCE people to do something (like automatically registering them to Vote) by definition you are robbing them of their individuality and freedom of choice or in this case freedom from choice.

Year after year we are hammered with this idea that 'voting is a very personal decision.' If we claim that to be true, then we must respect a person's personal decision to not participate in the system....

Vote 'NO' on the Automatic PFD Voter Registration Referendum

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