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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Online Summit: Healthy Kids The Easy Way!

Melissa writes: 

Ever wondered... How do I raise healthy kids?
Ever wished it could be EASY?

If so, I have a FREE ONLINE EVENT that's perfect for you!

It's all about how you can teach your child healthy food & lifestyle habits that will reduce their disease risk, as well as setting them up with strong, vibrant health for life!

I interviewed 20+ leading functional medicine doctors, nutrition practitioners, coaches, experts, cookbook authors, and more.

Through these interviews, you’ll learn the secrets to:

• Feed your family delicious & nutritious food, the easy way!
• Convert your picky eater
• Set your child up with healthy habits for life
• Protect your child from toxins & EMFs
• Overcome obesity the gentle & positive way
• Naturally boost your child's system to fight the winter blues
• Look after yourself so you too can thrive & be the best parent you can be!

This is designed for YOU as a busy parent, with just one short interview per day, packed with action steps that you can take right away! And there is a FB group to continue the learning afterward, where you can ask questions & win some great prizes!

Sign up for the summit here:

And the FB group here:…/754516941546950/learning_content/

Please share with everyone you think might benefit, word-of-mouth is our only advertising so if you want to help kids & parents to thrive please share away! Thank you!

P.S. So sorry the Good Food Club has been quiet for a while, we all get too busy over summer! It will be back soon! But for now, this is what I have been busy with!

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