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Friday, December 14, 2018

Natives Rising on Being a Gentleman

Natives Rising is a great page on Facebook that everyone should [follow].

Thought for the Day- There is a curious debate happening in some corners regarding gentlemanly behavior. Should a man show deference and provide assistance and protection to a woman in ordinary situations? Should I open doors, pull out chairs, offer my hand at steep inclines?

Some people get outraged at such things and others get annoyed when it doesn't happen. There is a natural reason why this sort of thing develops in cultures.

Women can get pregnant and sometimes it isn't known right away. Even in traditional times it was known that a pregnant woman receiving a shock or over exerting herself might lose the baby. Its probably not fair or reasonable to criticize a man trying to protect a woman from falling in such a situation.

That its better to be safe than sorry rather than asking every woman who is standing on a bus if she is pregnant before offering a seat is probably how people started favoring this sort of "sexist" courtesy.

Besides which I think it's nice and a woman who appreciates that I am trying to protect her is rather attractive. The one who snarls at me isn't.

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