South Thorne Bay Town Hall Meeting Minutes - P.O.W. Report

Friday, June 7, 2019

South Thorne Bay Town Hall Meeting Minutes

On June 3rd, a South Thorne Bay Town Hall was made open to all residents and here is what happened;

Our first Town Hall Monday evening was a great success. We had 24 attend, including two city council members. We had a mixed crowd from both sides of the bay. Brad Clark handled the meeting in a very controlled manner so everyone could express their concerns.

Our main topic was from a questionnaire we handed out at our Memorial Day BBQ. Our event topic was; Problem and Solution Survey. Our main focus was on the problems City government should focus on. Some of the problem focused on community leadership, with the focus on the city manager and the mayor.

Our MC tabled all discussions on that issue. The other top issues were roads, telecommunications, EMS and Fire, polling, concerns of law violations, poor leadership, zoning, and the citizen to vote for mayor. All of these issues were addressed with primary focus on telecommunications, roads, ems and fire. We had sign up sheets for people to join committees to focus on these issues, with the intent of finding solutions that can later be worked on without the city or addressed at city council meetings.

At Tuesday evening's city council meeting we presented 5 of many things the council needs to address. We also had voter polling on the agenda for absentee voting at Davidson Landing. The council voted 6 in favor and 1 not in favor. So we have a resloution to reinstate absentee voting at Davidson Landing for the City elections.

In October the city will have 3 council seats open to be voted on. The south side of Thorne Bay has been without representation on the council for a long time. This year we have a very good opportunity to level the playing field. Remember we all need to vote to make a difference. We have less than 4 months from this city election.

There will be further town halls in the future!

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