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Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Powerful Message From Nick Nickerson: "The Times Have Changed in a Horrible and Ugly Way"

Nick Nickerson comments on Facebook
This Island was at one time a beautiful place to live. It is sad for us to say it is not a beautiful place. The times have changed in a horrible, ugly way. I am referring to the meth/ heroin drug problems we have in our communities.

It is sad. The users will soon die from their so called ultimate high, the drugs will continue to come into our communities due to the fact the demand is there. I want people to realize these horrible drugs effect a whole family and community.

I see a lot of family members (uncle, aunt, grandparents, brother, sister) taking the responsibility to raise an addict family members children. It is true and it is unfair to the child and family relative. A lot of stealing,thieving will continue as nothing will change if we do not stop these drugs from getting to our communities. It is apparent local law enforcement is not properly trained to stop drugs and drug users.

Now Alaska State Troopers funding is cut. I feel like we are forced to watch this drug and drug use to continue to grow instead of stopping it. What is it going to take? I continue to ask myself if we have to take the law into our own hands? When will it stop? Who can we turn to for help? I will be contacting our Senator, Representative and Governor to address this issue.

It just isn't happening as of today. I am hoping these State elected officials can assist us with addressing our issues at hand. Please share this post if you feel the frustration I feel. Thank you. Nick NICKERSON.

Editorial Opinion:

Public shame and ostracism needs to become a norm again. Everyone should have a second change and given support if they are willing to change themselves. However, if a person doesn't change perhaps the shame and ostracism of shunning that person will possibly prevent someone else from going down the rabbit hole of substance abuse. The knowldege of being an outcast from society if rules aren't upheld are a strong deterent. Right now there is quite actually no consequences for these people. Everyone knows that they are using drugs and hurting families but nobody has the guts to call them out on it publicly.

Imagine if everywhere you went people would tell you that they 'are ashamed of your behavior' how long do you think you could handle that kind of public pressure? I'm old enough to remember elders and seniors actually doing this. Where are they now? This is what elders and seniors are for. To impart their knowledge and to also help enforce social conhesion through public disgrace.

The entire community must work together.

Just my two-cents. Thanks for the message Nick!

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