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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Korean War Vet and Hollis Icon Budd Burnett Passed Away

Korean War Veteran Budd Burnett passed away over the weekend.

He had his sons with him in Juneau.

Budd was instrumental in keeping the Hollis cemetery project moving. He was a long time mayor of Hollis and also an active participant in the Hollis community. Budd was the administrator for the Fire Hall expansion grant in Hollis.

He was a founding member in Post 26 of the American Legion and a founding member in VFW Post 12151.

[Editors note:] Growing up in Hollis, Budd was definitely an icon in this small town. There where many dissagrements between the community members and Budd. The tensions at times was palpable. However, nobody can deny the impact that Budd's vision for Hollis had. I dare say that it was a positive vision with positive results. 

He was instrumental in creating the Fire Hall, which has become the central pillar for community events. 

When long time influential members in a community passes, it truly breaks my heart as it makes me reflect on the narcissim of my own character. Why haven't I talked to him more? I should have asked him more questions about his life. The stories he must have from the Korean War...and POOF...Just like that a life is vanished from the Earth. 

You may not have known Budd, but you do know other elders and seniors in your own community.  Take the time while you can to get to know them more and hear their story. I know that they would appreciate it.

God Bless. God Speed. And Rest in Peace Soldier. 

[Thank you to Jan Trojan for contributing to the story]

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