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Friday, December 22, 2017

Racist Trees Racistly Listing Racially in Racist California


PALM SPRINGS, Calif. - Complaints from longtime residents of a historically African-American neighborhood near a Palm Springs golf course have led to the removal of a line of trees they claim were planted for racists reasons in the 1960s, according to The Desert Sun.

At an informal meeting with neighborhood residents Sunday, Dec. 17, Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon, along with other city officials, promised residents they would remove the trees and a chain-link fence along the Crossley Tract property lines as soon as possible.

Or, the trees were planted there to prevent golf balls into getting into people's yards.

In a previous Desert Sun report, residents of the neighborhood said the line of trees "remained a lasting remnant of the history of segregation in the city." Residents also claim the invasive tamarisks, which block views of the golf course and San Jacinto mountains, have depressed property values and prevented black families from accumulating wealth in their property for the past half century. Tamarisk trees, also known by the name "tamarix," range from large, evergreen trees to small, shrubby trees.

Ready estimates that the trees could be down within three months.
The cost to remove the line of trees is estimated to cost the city of Palm Springs $169,000

What will they think of next? 

Do you know what else is white? 

Look. Things have gotten so out of hand in this country with victim culture and victim blaming and the racism verbal attacks that;

1. I know that some of you reading this probably think i'm 'being a racist and not seeing the bigger picture.'

2. The bigger (and more dangerous picture) is that racism is thrown around so often that the word is now quickly becoming irrelevant. When everyone and literally everything is racist.

Nothing is racist. 

What will happen (as it inevitably does) is that one day a real racist(s) will actually come along and people will be so tired of hearing everything being labeled 'racist' that this 'racist(s)' will end up getting into positions of power and then it will be too late--for the kids cried wolf racist too many times.

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