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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Read the Candidate Statements for the Upcoming 2018 REAA Election!

A Regional Educational Attendance Area (REAA) is an educational area that is established in an unorganized borough of the state of Alaska. Basically, because the schools in Hollis, Hyder, Whale Pass, Kasaan, Naukati, Thorne Bay, Coffman Cove, Port Alexander and Whale Pass are so rural and part of the Southeast Island School District, the "School Board" for SISD is composed by having elections held by the REAA on October 2, 2018.

Below are the candidates who are running for the Southeast Island School Board in the REAA districts on October 2, 2018.

SECTION II, SEAT C - 3 Year Term:

Joshua Hills [Naukati]

My name is Joshua Hills and I am running for re-election for my seat on the SISD school board. I have been a school board member for 1 year, and have served on various boards in my community. I have truly enjoyed my time on the school board and being a part of the leadership for our students. I believe that our children are our most precious resource. My wife and I have 4 children in the district and being active in their education is very important to me. I have fifteen years experience as a quality control manager and know the importance of a good education. I know that the State of Alaska is facing many fiscal challenges in the future and our district needs advocates to stand up for small schools. I would like to be re-elected to my board seat because I want to help guide the district in the coming years.

Rebecca Saffold [Port Alexander]

Rebecca is on the left
My Husband Hardy and I have Been married for 37yrs we have 4 children Cyndi oldest who is a special needs adult, that has competed in Special Olympics and is currently caring for her grandfather. Middle daughter Kimberly who’s husband is a Captain in the air force. They have one daughter, and are stationed in Germany. The youngest daughter Samantha is a graduate of Sacramento State University and is now assists in running our business in California. AJ our son (the boy) is 13 and attends Port Alexander School. He fishes with his dad during the summer. And LOVES Port Alexander.

We have been coming to Alaska since mid 1980s and have finally moved here three years ago. Hardy has gotten back into commercially fishing and I run a small convenience store here in Port Alexander.

I have been a volunteer parent in the Headstart program in total of 6 years. Served as site representative, on HeadStart San Juan council and SETA council of Sacramento of which all members received certificates of excellent service recognition from the governor of the state of California at that time.

I am not a just let it go kind of person. I like to know why, when and how. I will ask questions, and not afraid to ask again if I’m not getting it. I’m not doing this for me but for the student of the district. The past councils I have served on have been very successful. If I am selected to serve I am hoping to continue its the same positive results for this school district.

Arthur Martin [Hollis]

First off, I have an ethos that I strongly believe in,  "You should have a stake in the political office  you are running for." In the case of a school board, I believe that you should be a parent with a child in the district to make you an eligible candidate. I'm not a parent and I fail even my own test. 

Secondly, I was a student in the Hollis School for two years, grew up in Hollis, and live in Hollis. My "stake" is being a long-time resident of POW and having spent time in the school district. 

Thirdly, the primary reason i'm running is because i'm horrified at the politically correct "SJW" ideology that seems to be invading Alaska and even Prince of Wales. Craig most recently delved into the controversial "LGBTQQIP2SAA" fiasco and changed their school policy to accommodate this fringe ideology. I'm running because I want SISD to focus on providing the highest possible education to our students and not be distracted by "SJW's" who seem to be more focused on making political statements, than teaching our students "science, facts, philosophy, history, and arts." 

SECTION I, SEAT A - 3 Year Term

Shannon Silverthorn [Thorne Bay]

Shannon is second from right

I have lived on POW for 20+ years, living both in Klawock and Thorne Bay. I am committed to giving back to my community and would love the opportunity to represent Thorne Bay in another term on the SISD School Board. I have and will continue to be committed to representing Thorne Bay and our students. Our youth are our future and deserve the opportunity to have the best education possible. Serving on SISD School Board will allow me to support and advocate for our students, schools, and communities.

Full disclosure: Arthur Martin, a candidate in this election, is also the editor of POW Report

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