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Sunday, June 23, 2019

[EXCLUSIVE] The Attempted Murder of Ivy Sivertsen on Prince of Wales Island


Ivy with her twin girls (son not pictured)

In an exclusive, POW Report has received information on what actually happened on May 14th at a "House Fire" on Prince of Wales. A fundraiser started by Honey Smith (that you should donate to) shortly after the incident and in an effort to protect Ivy originally wrote:

On Tuesday the 14 [of May] Ivy was in a really bad house fire. And is now down in Seattle getting the care she needs. She is doing good but she got burned. She is going to be down there for a bit and her family and close friends are going to be taking turns going down to see her and be with her during this time

To be clear, there are no public police reports of this incident as it's still under-investigation, however, POW Report was able to get the allegations from Ivy herself and Ivy's cousin Kerri Beck regarding this incident.

Kerri writes:

Ivy just wanted her son back and instead she nearly died. Ivy (Rasmussen) Sivertsen spent 16 months working with child protective services to regain custody of her son who was taken from her by her mother, Tami Sivertsen. Tami had always wanted a son and took him from Ivy under false pretenses.

Ivy traveled to POW to meet with her son for a couple of days to let him acclimate to her again and was then getting ready to bring him home to Ketchikan. However, her mother had other plans as she did not want to give up her grandson. Tami and her boyfriend who is a police officer on POW plotted to kill her.

The boyfriend hit Ivy on the back of the head repeatedly with a crowbar and when that did not kill her Tami Sivertsen held her daughter down while the man continued to beat her and Ivy begged for her life. Again, Ivy did not die and so while her mother held her down the boyfriend poured gasoline on Ivy and set her and the house she was in on fire.

Ivy received severe lung and throat damage, head trauma and 3rd degree burns on more than 30% of her body. Miraculously she lived and was life-flighted to Seattle Harborview Medical Center’s Burn unit.

It was touch and go for the first few days due to the severity of her lung trauma but being a fighter Ivy pulled through those first days and spent more than a month in ICU being treated for her head, lungs and burns. She has a long road to recovery but will survive.

At this point she will be allowed to travel home to Ketchikan to see her three children, including her son--with occasional flights back to the burn unit for follow-up.

Please help bring Ivy’s case to light and if possible share her Gofund me page to help her care for her children while she recovers.

This is a tragic case and a big blow to our communities who live in peace and in harmony and it's important that justice is given to Ivy Sivertsen; for her part of the story Ivy writes:

My mom had my son for most his life he's 2. And the judge said time to have him come home [and] OCS said yes but she did not want me to [and] said [I was a] bad mom well I have twins that are 1. So I went to get him, my ex left early to go home so I was alone and they gave me a drive back and then came in the place I was staying at and out of nowhere my step dad hit me in the back the head so hard my ears rang and I looked back [and] he looked like he was going to kill me, so I was walking to my mom and he continues to [h]it me till I’m on my hands and knees I tell my mom to help she says she is as she holds my hands down and he keeps going I block a blow split my hand.

I plead say don’t kill me you can keep him [she] keeps going, I go to the floor, they wait walk around talk I slow my breathing my mom said I was alive. Then next she goes out then something gets poured on my legs and then I'm on fire. I almost died. 32 staples in my head n 19 stiches

My lungs were burnt on scale of 1 to 4 it was 4 that's the worst. My throat was bad to [and] my face had burns to.

Idk why they did this I'll never know I forgive them but I will not let them in my life when they are in jail I'll see them one last time and tell them something... I got small burn on my chest and some where my bra line and my belly hands and below the knee but this will not faze me. I'm alive. I'll be better. I'll be better in a year long road of pain but I will tell my story and help others.

If you have just $1 to spare please donate to Ivy and help her and her three kids during this difficult period and help her with her road to recovery.

Thank you.

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  1. Good God, this is appalling.... I pray for your recovery and that justice be done.


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