City of Craig Council Meeting Highlights 5/7/2015 - P.O.W. Report

Monday, July 13, 2015

City of Craig Council Meeting Highlights 5/7/2015

Roll Call:
Mayor Dennis Watson called the meeting to order at 7:0 0 p.m. and the roll was ta ken. Present were, Jim See, Hannah Bazinet, Jan Storbakken, Don Pierce and Mike Douville . Absent Excused was Joni Kunt
Staff Present:
Staff present: Jon Bolling, City Administrator; Jessica Holloway, Aquatic Center Manager; Joyce Mason, Treasurer ; Kassi Bateman , City Clerk ; Brian Templin, City Planner; Mike Peel, Harbormaster; Amy Marshall, Librarian; RJ Ely, Police Chief; Ron McIntosh, Public Works Director ; Victoria Merrit, Parks and Recreation Manager
  •  Ordinance 663 was postponed till September
  • PIERCE/DOUVILLE moved to authorize appropriation of $3,000 to pay for costs incurred from legal fees at the federal court of appeals level to defend the Big Thorne Timber Sale. MOTION CARRIED UNANIMOUSLY
Adjourned: 8:06pm

Go to the Full Minutes here

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