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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Alaska Election Results November 8, 2022

 Every ten years the State of Alaska does redistricting here is the new map for Alaska: 

Southeast, Alaska

Because of Ranked Choice Voting we may not know the results until next year. This isn't a joke, the way ranked choice voting works is that a candidate has to win 50% + 1 meaning if the candidate doesn't win the majority the hand count will continue. Which means lawsuits will pop up extending the process. This is what happened filling Don Young's seat over the summer. 

Round One:
The Division counts all 1st choices. If a candidate gets 50% + 1 vote in round one, that candidate wins and the counting stops.
If not, counting goes to Round Two.

Round Two (and beyond):
The candidate with the fewest votes gets eliminated. If you voted for that candidate, your vote goes to your next choice
and you still have a say in who wins.
If your first choice candidate was not eliminated, your vote stays with them. Votes are counted again.

This keeps happening in rounds until two candidates are left and the one with the most votes wins.

With that said here are the preliminary results for Southeast, Alaska: 


Full election results via PDF

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