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Friday, October 9, 2015

Favorite Link Friday

Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott Meet with Obama Administration Officials 

October 8, 2015 ANCHORAGE—Governor Bill Walker returned to Alaska today after a day of meetings in Washington, D.C., with key Obama administration officials. Governor Walker requested the meetings shortly after Shell announced on Sun., Sept. 27, that it would halt its efforts on Arctic development. Lieutenant Governor Byron Mallott remained on Capitol Hill today to continue meetings with federal officials. “It’s important that Alaska maintain an open line of communication with federal officials,” Governor Walker said. “On the heels of last week’s news of Shell’s withdrawal from Arctic exploration, compounded by low oil prices and production, it is imperative that Alaskans take hold of our destiny. We are more than capable of fixing our own problems; we can self-heal—but we must have access to our resources.”

Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott met with President Barack Obama’s senior advisor, Brian Deese, and U.S. Department of Interior Secretary Sally Jewell about increasing oil production. They also discussed with U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx the importance of expediting the Alaska Railroad permit for transporting liquefied natural gas from Southcentral to Fairbanks. While in the nation’s capital, Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott also met with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Burwell about ensuring Alaska health insurers’ marketplace competitiveness.

Alaska Department of Natural Resources Commissioner Mark Myers and Department of Health and Social Services Commissioner Valerie Davidson joined Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott in their meetings. Lt. Governor Mallott will meet today with federal officials and Senator Lisa Murkowski’s staff to discuss the reauthorization of the Denali Commission and its role in coordinating federal and state responses to village relocation and overall rural Alaska needs. “I can’t emphasize enough how grateful we are for the hard work of our Congressional delegation,” Lt. Governor Mallott said. “Senator Lisa Murkowski, Congressman Don Young and Senator Dan Sullivan are in our nation’s capital, fighting for Alaskans on these issues.” [From the Governor's Press Release]

How Our Culture of Narcissism Creates Trans Obsession
The New York Post recently reported on a disturbing story of a woman in North Carolina who had herself blinded by a psychologist because she felt she was meant to be blind. This isn’t as unique a phenomenon as we would like to believe. In the psychiatric world, Body Integrity Identity Disorder describes this condition, where people believe they are meant to have a disability. This leads many to live a transable lifestyle, where either they simulate disability or intentionally become disabled.

Transablism has not reached the same level of cultural acceptance as its more respected cousin, transgenderism, but it is not clear why. When we accept the basic arguments in favor of transgenderism we are more or less forced to accept the arguments for transablism as well. In both cases, individuals claim their physical condition does not match their psychological reality. In both cases, individuals claim they have a right to determine their own identity. And in both cases, acceptance and inclusion is demanded of society at large. Read the rest here.

Clash of Mideast Titans: Certain Geopolitical Shift in Uncertain Times

If the Middle East has long been a festering ground for political unrest, ethnic friction and sectarian tension, arguably the direct product of failed Western policies, both Russia and Iran's insistence on challenging the powers has set in motion a new dynamic, one which could yet see a rise of a new geo-political order - where American exceptionalism and Saudi hegemony will no longer hold any diktats over world nations..... 
Over the past few weeks Saudi Arabia, the uber Wahhabi theocratic kingdom saw its clergy issue a series of fatwas (Islamic ruling) labeling all Russian troops in Syria infidels; thus calling for their immediate and "just" death. As far as Al Saud leadership is concerned all those opposed to its "divine rule" are enemies of God himself … America watch out, you never know what fatwas those Wahhabis will cook up next. 
Why is that significant you may ask? Well for one, Saudi Arabia went from covertly supporting terror in the Middle East to overtly calling for the protection of its precious terror militants in the region. Now that Russia threatens its operations in Syria, Riyadh had to get the big guns out and play the religious card. Read the rest here.

Hate Canning? Try These 4 Simpler Food Preservation Methods

Canning is practiced by grandmothers and mothers all over America. The sterilization of high heat and pressurization has made it the safe and preferred preservation of Americans for generations, but some people aren’t interested in spending hours over a stove for cupboards precariously stacked with jars of heat-compromised nutrients. And we don’t have to! We can use our garden through the winter months and it won’t require us to buy a fancy pan or convert our crawl space into an apple butter pantry...Read the rest here.

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