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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Favorite Link Friday February 26, 2016

Where Do Alaska Cities and Towns Stand on Commercial Marijuana? Check this Map. 

Starting today [February 24th], Alaskans can apply for state marijuana business licenses. While the first retail stores will not open until autumn, the state's fledgling legal marijuana industry has officially gotten off the ground.

But where do Alaska’s cities and boroughs, which have the power to make their own laws regulating the industry, stand on commercial cannabis? By compiling information from city and borough managers, mayors and other public officials, a picture emerges of Alaska’s cannabis laws at a local level.

Many small communities, from Nenana to Hoonah, are waiting to see how urban hubs like Anchorage and Fairbanks handle their industries before they take any major steps to regulate commercial marijuana. [Click Source to See Map]

Mysterious Sumerian tablet puzzles UAF librarians

The University of Alaska Fairbanks’ Rasmuson Library has a mystery on its hands. It doesn’t know when or how, but in its collection lies a Bronze Age clay tablet.

Like the Maltese Falcon, the small four thousand-year-old Ancient Sumerian clay tablet is surrounded in mystery. Rasmuson Library’s Curator of Rare Books Katherine Arndt says all they know is it was in their collection in 1982.

“Marvin Falk, who was hired as the first rare book curator at that time; he doesn’t know if it was in the library before then or not,” Ardnt said.

Arndt says the tablet’s storage box is from a New York rare book dealer and probably dates from the early 1940s. She and her colleagues believe it was a donation, but records are missing. [Source]

Quote of the Week

Master morality begins in the 'noble man' with a spontaneous idea of the good, then the idea of bad develops as what is not good. "The noble type of man experiences itself as determining values; it does not need approval; it judges, 'what is harmful to me is harmful in itself'; it knows itself to be that which first accords honour to things; it is value-creating." In this sense, the master morality is the full recognition that oneself is the measure of all things. Insomuch as something is helpful to the strong-willed man it is like what he values in himself; therefore, the strong-willed man values such things as 'good'. Masters are creators of morality; slaves respond to master-morality with their slave-morality. --Nietzsche 

Up to 90 people may be trapped underground in coalmine rock collapse in Russian Arctic 

MOSCOW, February 25. /TASS/. Up to 90 people may be trapped underground at the Severnaya coalmine in Vorkuta in the Russian Arctic after the mine’s rock collapse, the regional branch of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry reported on Thursday. "Evacuation is underway," the regional branch said. There has been no information yet on the persons hurt in the coalmine accident. "The information about the accident came at about 3:00 p.m. Moscow time [12:00 GMT]. Up to 90 persons may be staying in the mine. Their recovery to the surface has been organized," the regional branch of Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said. The Severnaya mine belongs to Vorkutaugol Coal Company. [Source]

Confucious, Buddha, Sun Tzu, Pythagoras and Leonidas were all alive at the same time

A Rare WW2 Photo:

CNN Texas GOP Debate Analysis:

How to Spot a Narcissist: Trump Persuasion Series

Donald Trump is the most famous narcissist in the world. That fact probably seems obvious to you, given Trump’s continuous self-promotion. Mental health experts agree with your assessment. Trump hits most of the checkboxes for the diagnosis.

The biggest tell for narcissism is a belief that you are better than other people. For example, if Trump believed he could run for President – with almost no political experience – and dominate the Republican party in only a few short months, that would be an example of…

Okay, wait. That one doesn’t work. Apparently his self-image was spot-on in that one specific case. It was the rest of us who got that one wrong.

But still, Trump obviously has an inflated self-image. For example, there was the time he thought he could transition from being a real estate developer to being a best-selling author of a book about negotiating, but then…shit. Okay, that example doesn’t work.

Okay, how about this example: Remember when Trump thought he could transition from developing real estate and being a best selling author to becoming a reality TV star and then…okay, forget that one. That sort of worked out for Trump.

Um…okay, I have one. Remember all of the Trump real estate and casino businesses that failed? I think there were a handful of big failures. That’s a terrible track record when you consider Trump’s hundreds of successful projects that…shit. Okay, that example doesn’t work when you put it in context.

But the ego on that guy. For example, Trump thinks models are attracted to him. Models! Ha ha! And they are, but my point is that I forget what my point is. Something about his ego? Yes, that’s it.

Anyway, Trump thinks he is smarter than most people just because he has a high IQ and went to great schools. Usually that does mean you are smarter than 98% of the public, but in this case it was probably just luck, because obviously all of us are smarter than Trump. I mean, look at his haircut!

Narcissists also seek attention from others. That is Trump all over! Compare his attention-seeking ways to other people who license their brands for a living. Those other people like to stay quiet or maybe say their brand is not so good. That is what good mental health looks like. But narcissist Trump actually promotes his brand every chance he gets, which is gross. Sure, it makes him a lot of money, but capitalism is about more than that. For example, something about the Fed.

Anyway, unlike Trump, the other candidates for President of the United States do not seek attention. Okay, technically they are seeking it as hard as they can, and failing. But to me, that seems exactly the same as not trying. [Read the Rest]

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