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Friday, March 25, 2016

Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

A Put a Crack in a Truck's Windshield this Week. And it wasn't my Truck. 

I was replacing a window wiper that was getting worn out and it wouldn't come off. So, I repositioned myself and tried again. Still the wiper wouldn't budge. "Is it rusted on there?" I thought to myself. I looked closer, "No way, Plastic can't rust onto metal." I tugged on the plastic wiper release tab a bit harder again and WACK! 

I look at my right hand holding the wore out wiper and I look at the left hand which should have been holding the metal wiper attached to the truck but instead, the wiper was laying on the windshield right above an impact crater and spiderweb lines already formed.

The juicy part to this whole story is that I had a Greeeeeaattt productive day, where I accomplished so much and I was actually getting ready to head home but thought that replacing the wipers would be a quick job and be the added "cherry" to the accomplished day. 

Boy was I wrong!

So, there I was standing there, looking at the now freed wiper blade in my right hand and the cracked windshield to my left, in utter disbelief that this happened and trying desperately to will this scenario out of existence. You've tried that technique before haven't you? Yup, it doesn't work. Then a text on my cellphone goes off and it's my boss. The owner of this truck...

"You Rock Arthur Thanks, sounds like you had a full day!"

A few minutes prior I had text him bragging about my busy "full" day and that I accomplished alot. "Damn..." that's all I could think, as I quickly passed through the stages of denial and into acceptance. What could I do though? I messed up. I was trying to be careful. I was trying to do a good deed and do my Job. But none-the-less, I was responsible for a major crack in a very expensive windshield regardless of my good intentions. So, I text him right back explaining exactly what happened, taking pictures, and ended with "I take full responsibility and I will pay for the repair and replacement of the windshield, i'm sorry that this happened" and awaited patiently like a defendant before the Judge for my verdict and the text rings again:

"Stuff happens Arthur. By tearing ourselves up over mistakes we drain our energies which were meant to advance us. It's one of the clearest ways I've ever observed evilness in action. Don't bother yourself over it. Smile and let's enjoy the ride."  

Did you read that reply twice like I did? Absolutely mind blowing! Humbling and mind blowing! Enlightening and mind blowing! Humbling!

How many times have you flown off the handle over something small like a mistaken coffee order? 

We all have. And yet here was this man, whom i've just put a dent into his financial pockets with, (the windshield will have to be replaced) casually waving off the entire incident. 

Accept Responsibility for Your Actions

But also don't destroy yourself with guilt or thoughts of what could have been different. What happened. HAPPENED. And there is nothing we can do to change that. What we can do however, is change our attitude in regards to that situation. This perhaps is one of the many things I love about Alaska and Prince of Wales is that people are more cognizant of this reality than else where in the metropolitan parts of the country. 

So, in the future learn from my mistakes:

1. Put a Towel on the windshield if you are changing the wipers. Yes, yes, you've changed dozens of them without incident....So have did I.....

2. When an "incident" happens don't destroy yourself over it, learn from the mistakes, and grow as a person. But more importantly if an "incident" is thrust upon you by somebody else, don't destroy them. They will already feel remorse and guilt about it. 

Stay classy POW!


  1. So the whole day was stellar....and more! (Y)

    1. It's definitely nice when your day ends ups up teaching you a valuable lesson! :-)


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