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Friday, April 15, 2016

Life is Precious

Last week, the daughter of a lady I used to work with was in a major plane crash. Three people Died. She survived but is currently in critical condition (Please pray for her!).

She is 21 years old. 

I remember waving signs in Ketchikan with her and chatting about her life and all the things that she wanted to accomplish. She was so optimistic about her life and had so much energy and why not? Her entire life was still ahead of her. Two years later.....She is fighting for her life....

Life is Precious.

This week, a gentleman was sleeping in his boat in Klawock and his boat caught fire. After a long time, he finally woke up and stumbled out to fresh air....

He later died of smoke inhalation... 

Life is Precious. 

Death is something that people really do not like to talk about. They have a fear of death. I know the feeling. I spent an entire year, almost daily, thinking about my own death. I was so afraid of death. I couldn't let it go. It consumed my thought process! When it was late at night, alone, and all I had to entertain me were my thoughts they naturally went to death....
How old will I be when I die?

Will I be on my death bed as an old man or will I be laying on a pavement after some accident?

Where do I go after I die?

Do I just disappear into nothingness?

In those final moments will I be satisfied with my life and my accomplishments?
This is an uncomfortable discussion, however, this is exactly why we need and we must talk about this. We live in a society of YOLO ("You Only Live Once"), or instant gratification, and no consequence risk taking. This narcissistic behavior is most easily recognizable in the Millennial generation but make no mistake every generation thinks short-term.

 The problem with this type of mentality is that we don't take the time to reflect on our lives. If we can't reflect on our lives two things tend to happen:

1. We Get Pushed Around by Others 

One of the clearest examples that I have seen with friends of mine (and i'm sure you have too) is that they have no self-confidence in themselves. This leads them to be pushed around and walked all over by their spouse, by their parents, and by their co-workers. The universal irony of the Western world we live in, that preaches 'narcissism' and 'me first', is that it also teaches us to never stand up for ourselves. For some reason, people are afraid to stand up to bullies--especially when it's your family. Well I have a shocker for you: just because they are your family doesn't give them any right to stress you out and to manipulate you either emotionally, physically or financially. 

2. We Lose Purpose in our Lives

This is closely tied to point number one but our entire lives often begin to revolve around others: "What can I do to make ____feel better?" "I shouldn't go to ____because it will upset ____." "I hate my job but I dare not change it because then ____will be upset at me." Day in and day out our purpose in life becomes making others happy instead of ourselves

Now, at the danger of contradicting my previous statements about people mostly being "narcissists," let me qualify myself. If you can't take care of yourself, if you have no vision, no inner strength, no confidence, how can you take care of others? This is the big difference. There is a difference between narcissism and confidence in ones' character and who they are. 

We have one life to live my friends and it can end suddenly.

I sometimes wonder if people have any premonitions before they get in an accident or die and I am convinced that most people don't. Accidents happen suddenly and without warning. Don't be paranoid. Don't be afraid of the future. Live your life but try to keep in mind something that a friend once told me:

No one has the right to make you unhappy. Permanently or at least temporarily eject anyone,  who causes consistent unhappiness in your life: friends, parents, siblings, co-workers or bosses, wives, girlfriends, it doesn’t matter. (The only exception: your own children under the age of 18, and even with those there’s a limit). Never forget that you’re going to die soon, and that means you’re never coming back to enjoy this world and all the wonder and joy it offers. This is not a video game where you can do it over if you screw it up. You get one shot, and then you’re done. Forever. Don’t waste your life being angry, lonely, dealing with drama, or limited by some else’s rules. That’s beyond insane. Be happy, and stay that way.

Until next time!

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