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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Mainstream Media is Dead

An interesting and tragic thing happened this week:

The Mass Shooting in Orlando

(Thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims) 

As luck would have it I followed this shooting from the minute it happened and was listening to the news on radio while the situation was unfolding but two things happened:

1. I broke the name of the shooter 30 minutes before Foxnews did.

2. I found a picture of the shooter 20 minutes before Foxnews did.

Mainstream Media is Dead

With the advent of the internet a schlub handsome and good looking editor can find out the news in real-time and break it to his readership BEFORE the mainstream media. Not only that, but an independent journalist can give the WHOLE unbiased story. So why even trust or go to the mainstream media (MSM)? If you where following the MSM and not me, here is what you missed:

Mainstream Media is Dead

We are living in interesting times where information is no longer funneled and controlled by one or two sources but anyone can find and access it! If you aren't following powreport on facebook yet you should be because we are ahead of the curve. 

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