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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lawrence Armour for Klawock Mayor Answers Questions (Part 2)

[Lawrence Armour answers questions from potential voters and from POWReport. You may find his campaign website Here or email him at]

A couple of readers have mentioned to me the lack of transparency of the City of Klawock Administration: "As Mayor will you work on updating the Klawock Website and providing public access to City Council Meetings to the locals?"

The City Council meetings are always open to the public. The agendas are posted prior to the meeting so the citizens are informed and have a chance to prepare for topics that will be on the table. It's every citizens right to participate and I highly encourage that they take the time to sit in on them. As for the website, I agree that it could use some updating and I don't think that will be very difficult.

What is your position on the banning of fishing from the Klawock lake and river without a permit?

First, I would like you to know that I am not a Heenya share holder. I wouldn't say Heenya is "banning" any activities. This is just my own opinion, I haven't had a chance to discuss this with anyone from Heenya yet, but I believe the intentions are to raise awareness that this is in fact private land. They may also be utilizing any funds raised to supplement the money they will spend hiring someone to keep the river and surrounding areas clean. They will end up spending more money than they raise trying to keep it clean, but I don't think the intent was profit. It is something new, so it will most likely go through a revision or two after they receive more feedback. Just to be clear, this has nothing to do with the City or the Tribe, so all I can do is offer an opinion. I have nothing to do with any policy related to this fee.

With the stigma related to small town politics and politicians in general, why are you so eager get involved?

Why indeed. I must admit, I have shied away from being called a politician because there is such a negative stigma---a stereotypical assumption---that politicians are crooked and only out for themselves. It's like that here and all over America. It's a stereotype because politicians are worried about being re-elected and that skews their entire perspective to the point that they will do anything to get a vote. I wanted nothing to do with that title, but I was looking at it the wrong way. I want to take the title 'Politician' back from those that have muddied it.

I am a politician. But I will not pander to you for a vote. I want to get my beautiful home town out of the rut it is in and bring prosperity to Klawock. I want you to vote for me so I can shatter that stereotype and show you how a politician is supposed to behave.

I am a politician. I want to affect change and improve the lives of Klawock residents as a whole. I am here to right the ship and buck the system. A system that takes the purest intentions and biggest heart and drags them through the mud and into the rut which we currently reside. We simply accept it by saying, "well, that's small town politics for you". That is not an acceptable answer anymore.

I have principles and values that guide me, which I learned during my time in the US Navy. I'm not worried whether or not you will re-elect me after this term. My work will speak for itself.

Some people have raised concerns that you are too "Young" to be a Mayor...

I have optimism which some have mistaken as naivety. I understand that this isn't going to be an easy job. I prefer to look at the potential that our City has and the confidence that I have in myself to lead Klawock to the realization of its full potential. Any hurdle between us and progress is exactly that---something we will leave behind us on our way to a bright future.

If there is concern that I won't be an effective Chairman, just know that I've observed every type of meeting we have on this island and I have seen what works and what doesn't. It isn't about commanding respect. Do your job with confidence, tell the truth and respect will follow. Stand up for what is right and we'll make progress/ Keep everything transparent, but understand that no one is above reproach. There will always be criticism, pay attention and learn from it.

I will always reciprocate by sharing my perspective, sharing my new ideas and offer respect and appreciation for their insights, even when I don't agree with their approach. I'll let you know when I disagree so we can discuss.

I have an open mind. I bring energy, optimism and new information to the table. I'm a student of the processes which we need to follow in order to be effective. Anyone that doubts me due to my age or experience will be pleasantly surprised by what they can learn from me.

"Why do you think that you can be the Mayor?"

 I followed the model I have heard voiced by many (something that I hope many more of our youth will follow) - I left! I gathered life experience and brought it home with me.

I joined the US Navy, Submarine Service, and saw the world. I saw what it had to offer. I traveled the globe for nearly 13 years. I gained valuable experience in dealing with people from every walk of life. I gained valuable experience in dealing with every aspect of government, both as a brand new and useless body, to a seasoned 'salty sailor' and military leader. I have the general aptitude that is instilled in a service member. I adapt to what is new and uncomfortable and make it second nature. I'm hungry for that knowledge, I want to take on that next challenge and I want to improve efficiency in everything I'm involved in.

No, I don't have political experience as an elected official. Yes, it is a valid concern but what I don't have in experience, I make up for with passion, with enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Please take comfort in the fact that I am not intimidated by the new world of municipal government. I'm ready to make it second nature. I'm ready to make it more efficient.

Do you have any closing words?

My job as Tribal Administrator is to address key issues such as affordable housing and job creation in Klawock. It makes sense to elect me Mayor as I'm already pulling us in the right direction. I won't just be there for the Council meeting and then back to my 9 to 5 job. This is my job. I'm always working towards a better Klawock. This additional responsibility will only solidify my purpose as a servant to Klawock and the people that live here. The only promise you will ever hear me make is that I will never stop working towards a brighter future for our town and all of its residents.

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