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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Dog Was Nearly Assassinated in Mary Jackson!

From Cassie Williams:

This is what happened to my dog over the weekend in MARY JACKSON!!! Some IDIOT came to the base of OUR driveway and tried killing our dog by SHOOTING at him.

The bullet grazed his face and luckily missed our two dogs behind him. I just want to warn other residents of Mary Jackson who have dogs that OBEY the leash law to be wary of those who creep by your house slowly.

Be wary for your neighbors dogs...I sure as hell can assure you that I'm pissed off. The police are involved! If anyone has any additional information please contact either my Dad, Danielle, or the police. I'd like people to like and share this from any town on P.O.W. This is the most disgusted I've been in a long time and I can't wait until karma comes back to whoever was brave enough to shoot our dogs when we weren't home.

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