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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Drama in Hollis! Calls for a Dissolution of the Community Council

A long time Hollis Family calls for the Dissolution of the Hollis Community Council based on three issues:

1. Irresponsible Asset and Financial Management by the Corporation
2. Abuse of the Proxy System to control the Corporation
3. Attacks on the community members by the Corporation

[Ed: This is a perfect example of government corruption and abuse. If it (hypothetically) happens in such a small community like this, what happens on the State and Nation Wide level? What amazes me even more however, is that the same people that complain about government abuse and corruption go on to vote for National Politicians who are known to be corrupt and abusive.

That being said. There is a reason why the American Founding Fathers talked about having a revolution regularly. Despite the Constitution being an old document human nature doesn't change....Those in power let it go to their head and, yes, when that happens they need to be ousted. Whether on a local level, a state level, or a national level....Keep this in Mind as we head into the November 8th Presidential Election.]


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  1. Thank you for posting this as well as your own commentary. We must fight corruption and abuse in all levels of government. Too many people get weary of the fight...I've been guilty on many occasions, but we simply cannot give up and let those who are corrupt have their way.

    1. You're welcome!

      It's way too easy to give up the fight (especially when governments do everything possible to keep its residents in the dark about what is happening)


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