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Thursday, September 8, 2016

Government Trolls Miami Residents By Spraying them with a Neurotoxin to fight "Zika" Mosquitoes

Imagine a Communist Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Novel whose plot revolves around a mosquito virus that is spreading through their cities. The government decides to spray all the residents--despite health risks--with a neurotoxin insecticide (which is banned in other countries) to kill these said mosquitos. Seems far-fetched right? Not in Miami:

Miami Beach city leaders are at odds with a scheduled aerial spraying of the insecticide Naled over a 1.5-square-mile infection zone.

"It's a neurotoxin. We don't know the risks. It's been outlawed in Europe since 2012. It's something that has not been used in Miami, historically," said Grieco.
According to a spokesperson for Mayor Gimenez, Naled, which is EPA approved, has been used in Miami-Dade County since the 1970's.

On Tuesday, county workers started spraying the streets of Miami Beach with a chemical called BTI using specialized trucks. The city announced its use of Buffalo Turbine trucks in its fight against the Zika virus in an email Monday.
Another run was scheduled early Wednesday. County Mayor Carlos Gimenez said in a statement the truck sprayings targeting mosquito breeding areas will continue for a month.
This is absolutely hilarious and frankly it blows my mind how people can still support and vote for governments whose 'genius' solution is to spray people with a toxin that:

Toxicologists at the University of California found that naled when inhaled is twenty times more toxic to rats as opposed to when it is ingested
Oh and

Studies conducted on dogs and rates showed that naled does cause chronic nervous system damage resulting in a mineralization of the spinal cord and decreased nervous system enzyme activity that led to partial paralysis

"But Zika Mosquitos are bad and lead to deformed humans!" You counter. "We must do everything we can to prevent the spread!"

Um...Ok, How about this: 

Fairbanks uses these units during the summer to 'fight mosquitos"

Mosquito Magnet: 

  • Converts propane into carbon dioxide to attract insects
  • Patented CounterFlow vacuums them into the net
  • Noticeable mosquito-free results within a week

Mosquitoes and other biting insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide we exhale. The Mosquito Magnet® Executive USA Mosquito Trap converts propane into carbon dioxide with its patented catalytic conversion technology. When mosquitoes, black flies, biting midges and other biting pests get close enough to the Mosquito Magnet trap, the patented Counterflow™ technology vacuums these pests into the net where they dehydrate and die within 24 hours. Around-the-clock operation is silent, odorless and effective no matter what weather condition. You will notice results within seven to 10 days.

But then again, our Dear Political Leaders are struggling with what's worse, Zika Babies or Neurologically Damaged Humans? On the positive side Zika Babies are proven to Culturally Enrich their communities:

Maybe if the government gave the Miami Residents a free coupon for a "Soy Glutten Free Organic Latte" that would ease their health concerns...

Meanwhile Elsewhere in Miami:

Remember, Smoking and Marijuana is bad for your health 

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