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Friday, October 28, 2016

Celebration of Life for Virginia Demmert (November 26, 2016)

From Lynzee Demmert:

November 26th 2016 we are going to be doing a pay off party for Virginia Demmert, I know as being her granddaughter that Virginia Demmert has been a pretty big part of Prince of Wales island and being a well respected Elder. I am posting to let people know that everyone is Welcome to join us to celebrate her life November 26th 2016 at the CTA building. Everyone is welcome to bring a dinner dish, dessert dish, side dish, beverages.

 I am also posting for the ones that have been very close to Virginia and I am asking for help with gifts to give away.  Please do get ahold of me or anyone in my dads family if you can help in anyway. Being that it's coming up quick on us and last minute decided to just do it so it's not put off any longer.

Please and thank you to everyone who that can help in anyway possible.
Much love

Virginia Demmert Family

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