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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ketchikan Voters Narrowly Approve Tobacco Tax..but what is the real reason?

Ketchikan Voters Narrowly Approve Tobacco Tax
The $2 per pack boroughwide tobacco tax was approved narrowly by Ketchikan voters in Tuesday’s local election.

In the final count on Wednesday by the Canvass Board, which tallies absentee, questioned and special-needs ballots, the proposition passed by a margin of 28 votes; 1,256 voted yes and 1,228 voted no.

I find "Vice" taxes fascinating...On one hand "politicians" want people to stop drinking and smoking (cause it's bad for your health) so they raise taxes to decrease consumption and the revenue usually goes towards k-12 'education.'

Then (oops) people drink and smoke less and the taxes that go to 'education' decreases. So the politicians in the pretense of keeping people 'healthy' increase the taxes even more to help pay for 'education.'

Except of course more and more people stop drinking and smoking and less money goes to education...So what do our politicians do?

Increase taxes...

That is the dirty secret of politics...things are never as they seem. There is always an ulterior motive and a reason behind the scene.

Another dirty secret of politics? Is having a child present when you pass a controversial bill....

When children are present always beware...because what was passed is very harmful...

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