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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tis Done. The Election is over. Here are the Results + Legal Marijuana Expands Nationwide

Despite the rhetoric of the MSM I don't feel like it was a surprise that Donald Trump is now President-Elect, are you surprised? I majored in Political Science and love politics (partly why I started this website) so I've followed this election very closely from day 1 and I have to say nobody in my circle of friends is surprised at these events. Perhaps, if you are surprised let us know in the comments!

Aside from Trump becoming President-Elect the Republicans held on to majority control in Congress, keeping both the House and the Senate.

Perhaps, the biggest surprise of the night however was the fact that Hillary Clinton didn't give a speech...perhaps she was just tired? Regardless, she is the first Presidential candidate in US history to not give a concession speech.

On the Alaska State Level

As of writing this at 11:33 PM here are the results with 42% Reporting (the winners aren't going to change at this point if they do, i'll make an update). 

US Senator: 

Winner: Lisa Murkowski (~43%)

US Representative:

Winner: Don Young (~49%)

Senate District R 

Winner: Bert Stedman (95%)

House District 35

Winner: Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins (~55%)

Ballot Measure 1 (PFD Voter Registration)

Yes (~64%)

Ballot Measure 2 (Student Loans)

No (~55%)

All the Judges on the Ballot where voted through, albeit a few of the votes where within a 10 point margin.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. We survived! 

PS Why don't we reduce the election period to just 90 days? Or even 120 days? 0r even 180 days? This 2 year Presidential campaigning is exhausting! 


  • California
  • Nevada
  • Florida

Trump Victory Speech:


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