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$500 Reward for Credible Information Leading to a Stolen Cross Bow

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Two years ago this cross-bow was stolen from me. It's made by the company and is very unique. The stock is from an AR-15 and let's face it, it's a small island if you've seen it or know someone with it. This is mine. 

Christmas is coming up, do you want an easy $250.00? 

Email me a picture of someone on this island with this bow or give me the name of someone who has it (picture preferred) and if you will testify to this. The cash is yours! I have my suspicion of who it is but I can't prove it. So citizen journalist step it up!

If you send me a picture of proof that this person has my Cross-bow (or testify) and it's returned to me, i'll give you another $250.00

If somehow you acquired this cross-bow from 'someone' and you give me a credible name and the cross-bow back I will give you 500$.

This is a win-win-win opportunity! 

$500 is on the line! Help me to bring Justice!


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