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A Call to Action! Hollis Council Moving to Get Rid of Hollis Volunteer Fire Department Truck!

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The Hollis Fire Department would like all Hollis residents to please come and show your support for the fire department at the next council meeting to be held Tues. Nov. 8 at 7 pm there are two topics on the agenda that will directly affect the fire department and how it operates.

1) There will be a presentation to the council on the potential for the department to pursue 501(c)(3) status and we need as many Fire department supporters present as possible to show support and to cast a vote.

2) John Ryan has added to the agenda a discussion item getting rid of the fire truck saying that parts are no longer available for it.

The truck is currently working and is in good order! We depend on this truck and don't want to see it go away unless there is one of equal or greater capacity to replace it with.

Hollis Residents: PLEASE come show your support of the fire department this Tuesday November 8, at 7 pm

[Remember that with the new bylaws and articles of Inc. the council passed recently that ALL members of the corporation can make motions and vote on matters presented before the B.O.D. for Hollis Inc. not just the 7 B.O.D. members.]

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