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Monday, November 28, 2016

[Column] Purging of the "Fake News"

My latest column for SitNews.us:

(SitNews) - Shortly after Trump became President-Elect the Elite Globalists panicked trying to figure out Why Trump won. Before long their answer became apparent: Too. Much. Media. Coverage. Trump not only received free press-coverage but he also completely by-passed the Main Stream Media whenever he wanted by spreading his message on Alternative Conservative news sites, as well as, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

In response to Trump’s effective use of social media, alternative news and free press coverage the elite globalists decided to purge and discredit these news sources by labeling them “Fake News” and banning any people who may have credibility on the Conservative Right.

More specifically Facebook and Google announced last week that they are setting up algorithms to get rid of “Fake News” (which of course are Conservative news)......

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