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Island Grind is December 3rd. Please Answer the Poll, Should the Grind be Shut Down?

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[From Sally and John]
Hi Folks,

Our next Island Grind is scheduled for this Saturday, Dec 3rd. The last two Island Grinds (Oct and Nov) were awesome productions, with Josh Andrews on sound, and great performances by local artists. However, attendance was so poor that it really amounted to the artists themselves as the audience. We cannot ask performers and volunteers to donate their time to the Island Grind and then not have a large enough audience to fund the scholarships, dessert contest, and advertising. As for the Giving Grind program, the community pulls it off very well with wonderful attendance and donations. It is just not going well for our student scholarship program.

For this upcoming scheduled show, John and I (John Bruns & Sally Burch) are polling folks to find out approximately how many folks plan on attending this Island Grind and what your thoughts are on our programs.

Please let us know if you will be attending asap so that we can plan on it or else cancel it and try again in January 2017.

All thoughts are appreciated:
1. Planning/not planning to attend the Dec 2016 Island Grind.
2. Continue with Island Grind Student Scholarship and Giving Grind programs:
a. Scholarship:
i. With or without the dessert contest
ii. With or without two $500 student scholarships
iii. With or without one $500 student scholarship
iv. Reduce the number of shows
v. Vary the location of the Grind to one show each in Coffman Cove, Craig, Hollis, Hydaburg, Kasaan, Klawock, Naukati, Thorne Bay, and Whale Pass
vi. Shut it down
b. Giving Grind:
i. Reduce the number of shows
ii. Shut it down
3. Recipients: How do you feel about the continuation of these programs?
4. Performing Artists: How do you feel about the continuation of these programs?

Thank you!
Sally & John
Read More: City of Craig December 1st Council Meeting Packet

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