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Friday, December 23, 2016

Turns Out Crows Are Pretty Awesome!

I recently went down the Youtube Rabbit hole.... You know how you go on Youtube to watch a quick video on 'How to Cook Turkey' and then all of a sudden you find yourself watching video after video of cats? Well, that happened to me but I ended up watching videos on Crows.

Here is the Video that started it all:

Crows Use Cars as Tools:

When a crow dies, the other crows investigate the cause of death 

Many who have heard the melancholy cry of the mourning dove might wonder: Do birds grieve for their loved ones?

For this Saturday’s Weird Animal Question of the Week Emilie Bouef commented via Facebook: "I heard that ravens do some kind of funeral when one of them dies. I’d love to know more about this." [Interesting study

Adam Carolla's Idea for Attack Crows

I have No Idea if this is Actually Happened: 

Genius Crow Solves 8 Puzzles:

Knife-thieving crow tampers with crime scene:

Well there you go. Hope you learned something about Crows or at minimum indulged my Youtube binges. Cheers! And Merry Christmas!

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