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Divorce and Social Disruptions [Your Parents Aren't Comfortable Giving You the Inheritance]

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No consequence and easy divorce is having not quite so hidden impacts on relationships and family:

Up to three in ten pensioners are refusing to leave everything to their children when they die over fears it will either be squandered or lost in divorce, a survey shows.

Instead, many are leaving assets to grandchildren or handing them down to their offspring in smaller packages over the years so it does not go all at once. [Source]

Granted, there could be a myriad of other reasons...(terrible kids, selfish parents, bad spouses) but of the 1,000 pensioners surveyed:

It found 30 per cent of parents are unwilling to leave money to their married children, mainly through fears half of it would be lost in divorce.

On the other hand, for the older readers, this is probably old-news and you may even share the sentiment but as I get older these types of statistics are brand-new and fascinating to me. What is your opinion on the matter?

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