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Monday, January 30, 2017

[Editorial] I Refuse to Stand By and Accept the Results of the Playoffs! #NotMySuperbowl

[Originally written for SitNews]

In case you missed it, the play-offs weekend was very eventful:

In what I now deem (knowing nothing about football) “a stunning upset”, The Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers (44-21) to win the NFC Championship and advance to the Superbowl. Meanwhile, the “Deflate Gate” maligned Patriots with Tom Brady triumphed against the Pittsburg Steelers 36-17 wining the AFC Championship and now the two teams will face-off on Sunday, February 5th in Houston, Texas.

Just a day before the play-offs however, thousands (perhaps even hundreds of thousands) of mostly women marched in the streets protesting…. Protesting what you ask?

I (your ‘umble writer and purveyor of truth) delved into “the interwebz” searching for answers and reasons for why the protests where occurring. In my research, I ran across the trending hashtag, “#NotMyPresident” which seemed to correlate with the “Women’s March” and essentially, the proponents of both the march and the hashtag, where claiming that Trump is an illegitimate President because:

1. Trump is a racist, sexist and “grabbed women by the pussy.”
2. Trump lost the popular vote.
3. Russians hacked and interfered with the election.
4. Trump is against Equality.

If you know of any other reasons why adult women donned “pussy hats” over the weekend and marched in the streets, please leave it in the comments, but I’m fairly confident those where the main issues. Coincidentally, a bit latter another hashtag “#NotMySuperbowl” started trending on Twitter satirizing the #NotMyPresident hashtag and the protestors.

Now, whether you are a personal fan of President Trump or not, you have to admit these following tweets are pretty funny:

Of course, the best type of satire is rooted in truth and brings out the hypocrisy, irony, and the inconsistencies of the satirized. You be the judge, does the hashtag #NotMySuperbowl have a point? Until next time, cheers.

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