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Governor Walker Introduces Bill to Freeze Salaries of Non-Union State Employees

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Contact: Katie Marquette, Press Secretary – (907) 269-7447
Jonathon Taylor, Deputy Press Secretary – (907) 465-3985

January 20, 2017 JUNEAU – In light of the state’s more than $3 billion budget deficit, Governor Bill Walker introduced legislation today to implement a two-year pay freeze for non-unionized state employees. SB 31 halts salary increases from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2019 for exempt, partially exempt, and nonunion employees in the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and University of Alaska.

“Until we enact a sustainable fiscal plan, we must make adjustments,” Governor Walker said. “I believe in leading by example and have reduced my own salary by one-third. While it won’t close the fiscal gap, this legislation is a necessary part of the solution to Alaska’s fiscal crisis.”

Link to Bill

At first I thought that this is a mostly 'feel-good' bill but according to the Fiscal Statement (and unless i'm reading it wrong) this pay freeze will save the Government $1.8 million dollars per year. So, on the whole, yes it's mostly a feel good bill in the context of a $3 Billion deficit but if there where enough of these small cuts they would start adding up.

Read More: Alaska State of the State Speech 2017 [Governor Address]

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