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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Alaska Economic Trends March Edition 2017

If you aren't aware by now, this continued narrative of a 'gender pay gap' is complete and utter nonsense. It's a myth! It's a lie. It's a complete fabrication. No serious economist actually takes the notion that 'women are paid less than men who work the same job.' In fact, the latest statistics show that women are paid more than men working the same job. So where does this myth come from?

Economic and jobs data was taken (and this is important) of ALL jobs  in the American economy from readily accessible census statistics . "Wages" of all MEN where taken and "wages" of all WOMEN where taken. Then when 'they' averaged the wages of all men and all women, unsurprisingly, the data showed that women earned less than men. This is only common sense. Case in point:

If you take the income of all men on this island, whom primarily make their living as loggers, fishermen, miners, construction laborers and then compare their income to those of women who primarily make their living as teachers, secretaries, waitresses, and nurses. Clearly men working as fishermen will make more than waitresses and obviously loggers will make more than secretaries on average. Which is where the 77cents 'wage gap' comes from.

What WASN'T done is to take an apples vs apples comparison of both genders working the SAME jobs. If they would have, the data would have shown that men and women make the SAME and in the latter case women actually make more than men.

If that still doesn't convince you, let us do a quick scenario: Let's say that on average employers really do pay women 77cents to the dollar of  men. Why wouldn't ALL employers then quickly go and hire all women? After all they can save 33 cents in labor for hiring women instead of men.


1. They don't do that because it's illegal.
2. They don't do that because obviously it just doesn't happen.

So, keeping this in mind enjoy this edition:

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