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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Opportunity to Bring Roustabout Circus to Prince of Wales! Please share!

Amanda Kiely a children's librarian at the Ketchikan Public Library is reaching out to Prince of Wales to gage any interested in bringing Roustabout Circus to the Island. She writes on Facebook:

I am reaching out to you because I recently booked the Roustabout Circus for a performance in Ketchikan July 1st. They are an amazing duo from Talkeetna who perform and lead circus-related workshops for kids. They came to Ketchikan last summer and their performance was by far the biggest hit of the year -- the kids LOVED them.

I am contacting you to see if anyone is interested in bringing them to Prince of Wales while they're here.

Link below:

Ketchikan is paying all of their travel costs to get this far and in the spirit of sharing, and since they're so close already, I wondered if anyone might want to jump on the opportunity to bring them to your community, too. I ran it by the Roustabouts and they are willing. Their performance would likely have to be July 2nd.

If anyone is interested, you would have to pay their IFA transport to and from Ketchikan, and their performance fee, which is $800. I know that is kind of steep, but they do an amazing show and if multiple agencies pitched in it is definitely possible. If you are not interested, but you know another organization or individual who may be, please feel free to pass this note on

Amanda Kiely
Youth Services Coordinator
Ketchikan Public Library - 907-228-2306

Share any news to powreport@gmail.com

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