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Bill Introduced to Provide Equitable Allotment of Land to Alaska Native Veterans

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Do you know a native veteran that served during the period beginning on August 5, 1964, and ending on May 7th, 1975?

There is a bill - (S. 785) - to amend ANCSA to provide for equitable allotment of land to Alaska Native Veterans. If you live on Prince of Wales Island and this is applicable to you, I need you to contact me as soon as possible!

This isn't just for Klawock. Any native veteran from anywhere on Prince of Wales.

Send me a private message here on FB, or an email at if this is applicable to you, or if you are an heir of the person that was eligible.

You can also contact the Klawock City Hall @ 755-2261 or the Klawock Cooperative Association, Tribal office @ 755-2265 and ask for Lawrence Armour. Please hurry!

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