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June 10, 2017 Kasaan EMS Fundraiser and Walk/Run

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From Gretchen Klein:

Join us this Saturday June 10th 9:30am sign-up/10am walk about at Kasaan Totem Cafe for Fantastic Walk and Run of 3 miles, and finger licking good breakfast of Waffles, Eggs, Bacon, and Strawberries, and prizes too.

This is fundraiser for EMS Kasaan, and they really need some new EMS equipment for the rides up to Alicia Roberts Medical Center. This is the item they need. They are around $2,000 including shipping. It is called a Roll M Series Biphasic 3 Lead CO2 NiBP SPO2 Battery Capnostat.

Let's break a record this year in this effort and help them get this equipment for Kasaan EMS.
Bring cash or checks payable to Kasaan EMS.

Thank you☺️

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