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Saturday, June 24, 2017

The Hollis Public Library is Looking for a New Library/Director Volunteer!

[From Dordie:]

Hello Everyone,

Sometime this coming fall I will be moving from Hollis to Tenakee Springs. At that time, I will be passing on my librarian/director position to a new volunteer. I will continue as librarian/director until I leave in the fall and am looking forward to training a new volunteer for this position during the summer.

If you are interested or know of anyone that is interested in volunteering to be Hollis Public Library’s librarian/director starting this coming fall 2017, please let me know. You can email me at, call 530-7112, call me at 425-306-6769, or tell a volunteer at the library.

Hollis Public library started in 1985 due to volunteers from the community joining together to provide this free service to Hollis. Since then it has continued to grow due to volunteer effort over the last 32 years. The librarian/director role at the library has been filled by so many dedicated volunteers whose role has fluctuated with the needs of the library and its patrons.

For the most part, however, the following duties have been consistently handled by the librarian/director:

~ordering books, movies, magazines
~creating the processing system for items added to the library and delegating aspects of it while being the main processor of items.
~ordering office supplies and possibly other supplies
~filling out the annual Public Library Grant from the Alaska State Library & completing final reports
~working with the treasurer on finances, E-rate for the internet, & choosing an internet provider
~creating the organizational structure of the library, and training volunteers
~culling (choosing which items to discard) items in-order-to add new ones
~managing Hollis Public Library’s email and creating flyers for various issues
~working with the secretary to set-up meetings and create agendas, etc.
~helping organize the annual fundraiser along with the board and other volunteers
~arranging for fill-in volunteers to cover shifts and managing the library schedule.
~covering a weekly shift
~setting-up or making sure a volunteer provides a summer reading program.
~serving on the board as librarian/director
~and other various duties based on current needs.

Many of these responsibilities can be done during your shift and when they fit your schedule. It is a fun, inspiring volunteer position that a person interested in serving their community would enjoy.
Please let us know if you are interested and/or pass-on the information about this opportunity to anyone who may be interested.

Thank you,
Dordie Carter
Hollis Public Library

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