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The Special Session of the State Legislature Continues but the State Shut Down July 1st, 2017 Has Been Averted

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Governor Walker Amends Special Session Proclamation to Address Oil and Gas Subsidies
Second supplemental proclamation to second special session of the 30th Alaska State Legislature

June 22, 2017 JUNEAU — Governor Bill Walker today issued a second supplemental proclamation of the 30th Legislature’s second special session.

“I thank legislators for reaching a compromise on the operating budget to ensure government services continue after July 1,” Governor Walker said. “In doing so, they also appropriated a $1,100 permanent fund dividend (PFD) for each eligible Alaskan. Earlier today, legislators indicated in conference committee their intent to correct the state’s unsustainable oil and gas tax credit system. That’s why I am amending the call so legislators can complete work on House Bill 111.

"We must immediately address the subsidies we can no longer afford. It is the next critical component of a much needed compromise fiscal plan, and it must be addressed this year. When we have reduced PFDs for Alaskans, we cannot continue to give out millions of dollars in subsidies to oil companies.”

Governor Walker also thanked members of the House for their concurrence vote on House Bill 159, which is critical in fighting the opioid epidemic to build a Safer Alaska.

Read More: Governor Walker’s Statement on Negative Watch of State Credit Ratings [2017]

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