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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AK Divided: Sullivan Votes Yes on Obamacare Change Murkowski Votes No

I could be incorrect but i'm fairly certain that Senator Lisa Murkowski has campaigned in the past on repealing Obamacare. However, in an interesting turnaround she decided to vote "No", splitting the Senate vote to start a discussion on replacing Obamacare. Vice-President Pence in the end had to weigh in and vote "Yes", moving forward the discussion on repealing Obamacare in Congress.

U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) released the following statement today about the Senate’s vote to begin debate on a healthcare bill:

“I have repeatedly said that healthcare reform, and especially major entitlement reform, should go through the committee process where stakeholders can weigh in and ideas can be vetted in a bipartisan forum.

“I voted ‘no’ today to give the Senate another chance to take this to the committee process.

“I still believe that’s the best route, but we will now have this debate on the open floor. We all recognize that we have much work to do to address the healthcare concerns in this country. My commitment is to work with all of my colleagues in the Senate to find solutions that benefit all Americans by increasing access and reducing the cost of care.

Alaska U.S. Senator Sullivan Writes: 

I’m heartened that my colleagues in the Senate today kept their promises to their constituents to begin the process to repeal and repair the Affordable Care Act. Now, the Senate will start an open amendment process that will begin to consider various solutions to address the harm being done by this Act.

Since December, I have met with and heard from thousands of Alaskans and I’ve taken their concerns into account throughout this process. While many Alaskans received coverage under Obamacare, more than 23,000 declined to buy outrageously expensive plans they can’t even use, many of them opting instead to pay a fine to the federal government. This is unacceptable.

As the Senate considers legislation and amendments, I will continue to focus on repealing Obamacare’s taxes and mandates, and work to increase support for rural states, like Alaska, with extremely high insurance costs. I will also continue to work to put Medicaid on a sustainable and equitable path, with maximum flexibility given to states to tailor systems that meet their residents’ needs. Lastly, I will continue to fight for significant resources to combat the opioid epidemic taking place in Alaska and across the country.

As we go forward, I will continue to relentlessly advocate for Alaska’s interests and will not vote for a bill that makes things worse for Alaskans.

Personally, i'm tired of this healthcare debate. Frankly, anyone who is healthy (between the ages of 18 and 50) shouldn't even care about National Healthcare nor should they be subsidizing the poor choices of the unhealthy. Why is anybody other than the actual individual involved with healthcare and health insurance in the first place!?!

Getting health insurance and keeping it affordable isn't really complicated. The explanation is also the same for answering 'why is college so expensive?' However, both of these institutions have become so complex and so ingrained in the economy and society that the 'elites' spin all sorts of webs to confuse people and to side-track from obvious solutions.

Why Healthcare Costs So Much:

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