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Become an investor and you can score with our 2017-2018 Hollis School Alaska Hoops Project!

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Become an investor and you can score with our 2017-2018 Hollis School Alaska Hoops Project.

You can invest in our community’s future … sponsor a hoop on the much anticipated student created Fall 2017 Hollis School playground addition that students of all ages will collaboratively research, design, build, paint and install during the first month of school.

What is the the Hollis School Alaska Hoops Project?

Here is a chance to share in a phenomenal integrated learning experience for everyone at Hollis School while also providing a wonderful addition to the Hollis School Cross-Generational Outdoor Lifelong Fitness and Play Area designed by Hollis students and members of the Hollis Community.

Hollis students will design and build a giant State of Alaska backboard with standard and small sized basketball hoops that will be located on the backboard to represent different communities on the map.

To make this happen we are selling twelve (12) hoops with nets that we anticipate will represent twelve (12) Alaska communities to include but not limited to: Hollis, Juneau, Fairbanks, Seward, Anchorage. Student planning may change the selected hoop locations but they cannot change the number of hoops.

How it will work!

We are selling twelve (12) investor-sponsored hoops with nets for $50.00 each. 100% of the donation will go directly to purchasing resources for the project. Your donation of $50.00 will pay for wood, hardware, paint, and of course, a hoop and net! We are selling twelve (12) hoops. Any number of people can contribute to sponsor a hoop – a single person or business may sponsor a hoop or, twenty-five people can each pay $2.00 each to fund the $50.00 hoop.

We are not set up to accept credit cards but we can accept cash or checks made out to the Hollis ASC – 2017 Hoop Project.

To sign up – follow this link and complete the form:

You can request a specific town but understand it is first come first serve so you may not get your desired choice but know your donation will hit the sweet spot no matter where your hoop is located! All investors will be recognized with a student created “Map Key”

If student cost management leads to unanticipated savings we apply unspent funds to complete work on the next prioritized outdoor lifelong fitness and family cross generational play project in the Hollis School outdoor recreation area plan.

Check this out if you would like to know more about the value of this project in the classroom

Students will begin with the end in mind. They will be given the required outcome:

A quality scale model State of Alaska backboard with each region identified and different sized basketball hoops located on the backboard in a manner to represent different communities on the map. In addition to the regions and towns represented by the hoops, the model is to be painted to illustrate the major Alaska regions and key land-forms. Students will conduct research, draw up and follow a budget, maintain thorough project records, support a positive and informed investor relationship.

Learning Targets

This project will draw upon their growing skills in:

1. Art and Design: Hollis students will design, draw and paint the State of Alaska defining each region with color and incorporating major land-forms.

2. Geography and Mapping: Our Hawks will create a large to scale map of Alaska to include all the regions and important communities and land-forms. The longitude and latitude of the major communities will be “marked” with a basketball hoop. The project will include a Compass Rose and a Map Key to document and thank our donors.

3. Math: As in “When will I use this when I am out of school?” math. Our students will estimate costs and create and manage a project budget. They will use measurement, ratios and proportions and scale factor to assemble the plywood frame and draw a large-scale map of Alaska for their design.

4. Literacy: Students will conduct research of best practices to inform their project. They will document their referenced resources in an annotated bibliography and write goals and job descriptions, oral and written project reports (financial, project, accident) to share with the community and their investors, and Investor

5. Executive Functioning Skills and the “soft skills” sought by 21st Century Employers (Leadership, Organization; Self-direction; Communication; Collaborative Teamwork; Adaptability; Problem-solving; Critical observation; Reflection & Conflict resolution: which will include but are not limited to

a. project leaders to facilitate
b. operations managers to track inventory, progress and timelines.
c. safety managers to provide training and accident prevention, response and reporting,
d. fiscal officer to track costs and monitor expenses to ensure there are no cost overruns, present oral presentations.
e. Investor relations to inform investors on project progress and outcomes

Project Launch:

During the first week of school students will receive the following directive to launch the project:

Design and build a giant scale model State of Alaska backboard with standard and small sized basketball hoops that will be located on the backboard in a manner to represent twelve (12) different communities on the map. In addition to the towns represented by the hoops the model is to be painted to illustrate the major Alaska regions and key land-forms. You have no more than $600.00 to complete this project. You have (provide total number of investors) investors who expect you to be prudent with their dollars as you produce a quality project in a timely manner. Your investors will expect detailed and accurate reports. In addition, you will need to be flexible and be prepared to have them stop in to share their ideas. You will be expected to collaborate and be professional at all times.

Students will begin from there – working together to identify project scope and needs, determine roles and responsibilities and resources and timelines for a successful project. They will have an adult coach who may provide hints or direction as necessary.

Should the project come in under budget, students will use those funds to support the next phase of our Hollis School lifetime outdoor fitness facility.

Special thanks to JS Warehouse True Value Hardware in Craig, Alaska for helping us to develop the initial cost estimates to launch the fundraising portion of this project!

Please do not hesitate to contact Lisa Cates at Hollis School you have questions or ideas to support the success of this project. We do ask that whether you invest or not, that you not share the details of this project with the students as that would impair and limit the learning opportunities this project will present.

Thank you for your time and should you choose to invest – we have no doubt your money will be well spent.

Please forward this post to others whom you believe would like to be a part of this project!

[Click here to become an investor]

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