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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Governor Walker Signs 2018 Capital Budget into Law and the IFA Receives $250,000

July 31, 2017 JUNEAU — Governor Bill Walker today signed Senate Bill 23, the capital budget, into law. As passed by the Legislature, the bill contains appropriations for fiscal year 2018 totaling $1.4 billion, including $122 million in unrestricted general funds and $28 million in designated general funds. The bill leverages nearly $1.2 billion in federal dollars for transportation, village water infrastructure, energy, and housing projects. SB 23 is the smallest capital budget enacted since the year 2000.

“The legislature came together in a spirit of bipartisanship to pass this legislation, and I’m glad to honor their cooperative agreement by signing the capital budget without vetoes,” Governor Walker said. “However, our work is not yet done. We need new revenues to address our fiscal crisis and put Alaska back on a path towards stability. We cannot cut – or veto – our way out of this crisis. I look forward to continuing to engage with the legislature to resolve Alaska’s fiscal shortfall. Alaskans deserve to have this issue resolved now.”

This capital budget keeps Alaskans connected through our roads, airports, and marine highways thanks in large part to federal dollars, and through reallocating dollars remaining from older projects. The bill includes funds to start the much-needed Izembek road project, a priority of the residents of King Cove for decades, and seed funding to progress numerous North Slope infrastructure improvements and resource development under the Arctic Strategic Transportation and Resources (ASTAR) project. The capital budget also maintains our statewide radio system for local, state, and federal public safety officers and first responders. In addition, $42 million remains in two separate appropriations for infrastructure and transportation improvements in Juneau and the greater Lynn Canal area.

The bill assures funding for the most urgent state, school district, and university facilities maintenance projects. It also includes money for statewide domestic violence shelter improvements, and to construct a new school for the Kivalina community, fulfilling the State’s legal obligations.

The Inter-Island Ferry Authority also receives 250,000 dollars for the 2018 Fiscal Year

[You may find the full bill details here]

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