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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Organizers Speak on What Inspired the POW Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit That Will Be in Kasaan on September 23, 2017

Prince of Wales Arts Extravaganza and Exhibit is less than 30 days away! It will be held in Kasaan on September 23, 2017 and many of your island friends will be there to show cases some pretty wonderful things! It is free and open to all from 1PM-6PM! There will be tours of the Whale House,  music, and appetizers. Please share through word of mouth and share the drive with a friend!

Why do people do art? 

by Mary Hailey

I would say on POW and in Southeast people do art for a number of reasons. Some do it because we have jobs that are seasonal such as fishing, so it is an opportunity to make something and sell it or just something to occupy our down time in the "off-season." It is a way to express ourselves and keep busy at the same time. Another note, if we can share that art with others--then everyone benefits!

Why is art good for health?

By Mary Hailey

Creating in any form, opens the mind and helps individuals grow. Sharing that creativity with others builds community

Jeri Rosenthal Speaks Out:

Art is empowering and it is therapeutic in many ways. When you are doing the craft you become focused and energy is channeled, which is a better place to put energy to something positive and creative. It charges my batteries to come up with ideas and execute them. The joy comes when others like or love it enough to buy the art.

Why I decided to put on the arts exhibit 

By Gretchen Klein

There is a wealth of artists and musicians working with many different medias on Prince of Wales, many with a willingness to share their techniques, time, passion, and stories with others.

Over the past several years, I had the opportunity to see many craftsman, musicians, and artists donating their time to offer workshops and classes to kids, adults, and elders through wood-work, pottery, jewelry, weavers, medal, stone, photographer, gardening, painting across island, and selling their work at many fairs.

Talking to different residents I heard there were past exhibits in the 80's and 90's. Other inspirations came from having art walks, weekly events, network working opportunities, and helping promote small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Gathering all these thoughts and concepts together I thought it would be nice to offer an "exhibit to feature island artists" that feature two pieces of their work, promote, and support the local economy by utilizing the local centers across the island and cafes. We pulled together a small team of volunteers and have worked to partner with Allen Marine, Organized Village of Kasaan, and First Bank to help get the word out.

If the event goes well, the goal would be to hold this annually and rotate it across the island so up to 100 artists have an exhibit!

Names of Artists who will be at the show:

Cecilia (Litzi) Botello
Tamara Buoy
Stephanie Brock
Tori Carl
Mike Cleary
Caren Cooke
Adeline Decastro
Gregory Frisby
Mary Hailey
Bonnie Hamar
Stephanie Hamar
Stormy Hamar
Paula Hartzell
Pauline Hennefer
HC Howell
Juliette Isanogle
Sheila Jacobson
Denise James
Amy Jennings
Hadara Jennings
Laura Jennings
Stephanie Jurries
Kris Kain
Michael Kain
Cathy Klinkert
E. June Krolikowski
Adrian LeCornu
Laci Lowery
Judy Magnuson
Joyce Mason
Cammie May
Cathy McIntosh
Jeannie McFarland

Terri Metcalf
Thom Morrison
Trina Nation
Nick Nigson
Frederick Otilius Olsen Jr.
Greg Ouellette
Sandra Ouellette
Warren Peele
Clarence Peele Jr.
Jerry Peele Jr.
Carla Peterson
Lorraine Pierce
Sherry Preston
Cyndi Reeves
Jeri Rosenthal
Jon Rowan
Terri Metcalf
Marty Sharp
Rebecca Sheufelt
Joe Sieling
Mariia Taylor
Debbie Trozelle
Mary Triplette
Richard Trojan
Madelaine Voegeli
Megan Wakefield
Tom Wargi
Bailey Watson
Jo Wendel
Nicole West
Scott Wilburn
Samantha Wilson
TJ Young
Celesté Zarate

Featured Musicians at the Show:

Girl from North Country
Stihl Heads

Vote for your favorite art while at the exhibit:

"People’s choice" first place will receive $500.
2nd through 4th place will receive $250.

Voting boxes will be at the door and the winning artists with the most votes will be announced at 6:00 p.m.

Thank you to the Volunteer Art Leadership Committee for coordinating this event: 

Mary Hailey, Julie Isom, Heidi Young, Kris Kain, Cameo McRoberts, Cathy Klinkert, Cyndi Reeves, Dr. Michael Melendrez and Thom Morrison Volunteer coordinator: Gretchen Klein

Contact Information for this Event:

Gretchen Klein, 907-617-7635

Bring your cash and credit cards so you can purchase exhibitors art! First come first serve on the exhibit items!

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