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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Governor Walker Signs Administrative Order and Legislation to Build Safer, Stronger Alaska

AO creates Road & Highway Advisory Board; HB 80 incentivizes energy efficiency improvements

September 7, 2017 FAIRBANKS — Governor Bill Walker today announced the next steps in his initiatives to build a Safer and Stronger Alaska. The Governor signed an Administrative Order creating a Highway Advisory Board, and also signed legislation aimed at incentivizing energy efficiency.

Administrative Order 287 creates an advisory board for roads and highways, similar to the advisory bodies that exist for the Alaska Marine Highway System and aviation. Seven public members representing the commercial trucking industry, municipalities, and rural areas will be appointed to the board for four-year terms. Governor Walker signed the order at the Fairbanks Chamber of Commerce Transportation Subcommittee meeting.

“Creating the Highway Advisory Board is an important step in building a Safer Alaska, as members’ recommendations will provide another layer of input and accountability as we repair Alaska’s infrastructure,” Governor Walker said. “Every single Alaskan interacts with our road system somehow—commuting, delivering goods and services, or simply to enjoy the beauty of the Last Frontier. Maintaining Alaskans’ quality of life means maintaining our roads and bridges, and I look forward to seeing the proposals that come from this board to do just that.”

Later in the day, Governor Walker signed House Bill 80 at the Cold Climate Housing Research Center. The bill had broad support in the Legislature, and allows local governments and businesses to access a voluntary finance mechanism to incentivize energy efficient improvements to commercial buildings. The Municipal Property Assessed Clean Energy Act – or PACE – is similar to financing structures in 33 other states, tying repayment of loans made for energy improvements to property tax assessments.

“This legislation will empower businesses to take initiative to lower their energy consumption and maximize efficiency,” said Governor Walker. “I’m pleased to sign this legislation, and thank sponsor Representative Adam Wool and Senator John Coghill for their efforts to pass it.”

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