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Saxman-Ketchikan Seniors Who Can't Ride THE BUS, Apply for Your ADA Card to Ride with SESS

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The Saxman-Ketchikan Senior Center is trying to get people who are over 60 and unable to take THE BUS to get their ADA cards with the KGB to ensure that they can get a ride with SESS.

Anyone without an ADA card can be denied a ride.... even to medical appointments!

With so many riders these days this is becoming an important issue. Now that Waiver clients are no longer being billed for medical trips with SESS transportation services, this is even more pertinent for both rider and provider. With the ADA card, medical appointments for the rider takes first priority on the schedule.

Attached is the ADA application. It takes about a month to process it with the Borough. There is a section that needs to be completed by the individuals physician.

ALSO, these cards do expire and the expiration date will be printed on the card. It is encouraged that the renewal application be done a couple months prior to the expiration date.

[This is a big document so if the PDF doesn't load click the box in the top right]

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