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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Winners of the Island Wide Arts Extravaganza Are....

There were over 400 people at the event Saturday September 23rd, 170 art pieces and 89 artists!

From Gretchen Klein:
Thank you to all the amazing volunteers who helped me make this vision happen at the Island Wide Prince of Wales Island Art Extravaganza & Exhibit on September 23rd! 
Thank you to Cyndi Reeves, Michael A. Melendrez Dc, Mary E Moffatt Hailey, Kris Kain, Julie Isom, Cathy Hill Klinkert, Tamara Buoy, Terri McRoberts McMetcalf, Bailey Watson, and Audrey Lynn Escoffon, Stihl Heads, The Girl from the North, Andrew L West we did it, and all other volunteers, Allen Marine and Fred Frederick Otilius K'yuuhlgaansii Olsen, and Isaac Martin.

Congrats to everyone and thank you friends for being here. I'm honored to have so many people attend! I am sorry for the rough seas that happened on the way home for our Ketchikan visitors.  
Best of Show is Below but Everyone Was a Winner!

1st Place $500 Winner Tom Wargi Whale Carving (Craig)

2nd Place $250  Winner Stephanie Brock "Bumble Bee Painting" (Coffman Cove)

3rd Place $250 Winner Michael Kain "Wooden Chairs" (Hollis)

4th Place $250 Winner Jon Rowan -"Horn/Copper Spoon" (Klawock)

Despite being an overcast and rainy 'liquid sunshine' kinda day the turn out in Kasaan was very impressive! When yours truly first walked in the door of the Totem Trail Cafe the venue was packed and a line stretched all the way to the back of the building with people waiting to get a bite to eat from all the fancy and delicious food that was prepared by the volunteers!

Courtesy of POW Island Wide Art Extravaganza Facebook Page

Courtesy of POW Island Wide Art Extravaganza Facebook Page

Walking further inside was a plethora of amazing art, sculptures, and talent (many of which were and are available for purchase):

By Samantha Wilson (Craig)
 Samantha is an avid beachcomber with a love for nature. Seeing the amount of plastic debris affecting wild areas, she enjoys repurposing these materials in her work. The loss of old growth forests inspires her to utilize natural materials that are often over-looked.

"Rain Forest Cedar Celebration" 
This is hand formed silver (.999 pure) with peridot gemstones and glass pearls. Someone snatched up this piece that was for sale.

By Hadara Jennings
Anime is something that's really important to Hadara because a very special person introduced her to it. The first time she saw the style she completely fell in love with it. Hadara has been drawing Anime ever since.

By Travis Peterson (Off the Hook Taxidermy)
Travis is a full time taxidermists (8 years) specializing in fish. He works with real skin, molding/casting, sculpting, and replicas. Travis studied and worked in fisheries for over 25 years.

By June Krolikwski (Klawock)
After traveling to 36 different countries and spending time on her sailboat, June found the solitude of POW to be the perfect place to do what she loves. June is influenced by NW coast native art. She spends many hours in her studio carving ivory and assorted woods as well as painting with different mediums. 

By Tom Trudeau, S.E. Alaska StoneWorks (Craig)
S.E. Alaska has beautiful stone; most comes from Prince of Wales and surrounding islands. Each cut stone is unique and can become a beautiful piece of art with it's own pattern that is highlighted when finished. 

Sophia Martin Singing Jolene:

Twelve year old Sophia Martin is "The Girl From The North Country." She began performing in Thorne Bay Baptist Church at the age of seven. By age eight, she was gigging locally at the monthly Island Grind. Sophia has performed at the Alaska Folk Festival in Juneau twice and has bused from Alaska to Idaho and Oregon and back. One of Sophia's coolest accomplishments as a musician is when she led a group of pro-education demonstrators in singing Bob Dylan's "Blowin' in the Wind" on the steps of the state capitol.

Please Check Out More Photos at the New POW Island Wide Art Extravaganda Facebook Page 

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