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Friday, September 22, 2017

Volunteers Needed for the Craig Haunted House!

From Chaundell Piburn:

We are looking for at least 3-4 groups to help with the Haunted House this year. Its too big of a project to do without enough volunteers!

The groups must be willing to develop a section of the haunted house based on an overall theme, build and staff the section completely. We can help contribute some of the supplies.

There will be profit sharing but it really takes over 20 volunteers to have the haunted house a safe and fun event.

If we don't get enough help we will have to cancel it because it's just not safe enough for everyone!

The Haunted House supports EMS & Fire training! To discuss further please call 401-1940 or email ems@craigak.com

Please Share and Please Help Volunteer and Bring Your Friends!

The Haunted House will be on October 27th & 28th

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