Anyone find it weird that I can watch HD CCTV footage from a gas station robbery last week yet I'm not able to view one second of video from a casino where someone murdered over 50 people? - P.O.W. Report

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Anyone find it weird that I can watch HD CCTV footage from a gas station robbery last week yet I'm not able to view one second of video from a casino where someone murdered over 50 people?

It's been nearly one month since the shooting in Las Vegas and it's becoming obvious that there is a cover up going on, since nobody is answering any questions and the people who are intimately involved are fleeing the country.

We have the girlfriend of Stephen Paddock (the shooter) who was given $100,000 a week before the shooting but won't talk to the feds and refuses to leave the Philippines.

We have the  brother of Stephen Paddock who was clearly holding certain truths back from the media when he was interviewed:

And now he has been arrested for child pornography:

The estranged brother of Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock was arrested Wednesday on child pornography charges stemming from an investigation that predates the massacre.

Bruce Paddock, 58, was detained at a Los Angeles assisted-living facility, where he was awaiting surgery for spinal stenosis. A felony complaint said he had over 600 explicit images of minors in 2014 and had also swapped pornography.

He faces 19 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and one count of possession of child pornography, the complaint says.

The LAPD said the images were discovered inside a building where Paddock was squatting, but they could not find him at the time. After his brother's crime, they learned where he was and obtained a warrant, police said.

The interesting part is Jesus Campos the supposed 'security guard' who was shot by Paddock about 6 minutes before the main shooting took place, had fled to Mexico just days after the shooting took place:

According to a document from a confidential source, Tucker [Carlson] revealed that Mandalay Bay security guard Jesus Campos left the United States to go to Mexico just days after being an eyewitness to the Las Vegas mass shooting committed by Stephen Paddock.

Carlson said that he has a “customs and border patrol form that shows Jesus Campos entering the United States from Mexico at the San Ysidro border crossing in San Diego county almost exactly one week after the Las Vegas shooting. The document does not reveal how long Campos had been in Mexico.”

He continued, “Our source told us that Campos entered the United States at the same crossing in January of this year. At that time, he was driving his own vehicle, with Nevada plates. And yet in this document from a little over two weeks ago, Campos was driving what appears to be a rental car with California plates.”

Carlson said, “Jesus Campos is the only eyewitness to the biggest mass shooting in modern American history. At the time he was in Mexico, the press was reporting that investigators thought Paddock may have had an accomplice. Why did authorities allow him to leave the country just days after it occurred, while the investigation was still chaotic?” [source]

However, tin foil hat aside, I don't know if you have ever been to Las Vegas (I have) there are more security cameras and guards than any other place in the world, probably better than even the CIA. So the fact that they haven't released a single... A SINGLE clip of footage of Stephen Paddock in the most secure and watched place in the world is WEIRD.

So weird that a judge had to make an order to ensure that Mandalay Bay would not try to erase the data or evidence. 

Remember back to the most recent Muslim attack in the Orlando Nightclub massacre? We had footage less than 24 hours later of the shooter and what happened inside the club. Stephen Paddock in this case was in Vegas and in Mandalay Bay for close to a week so there are hours and hours of him waiting to be released.

A child can figure out that something isn't right. 

When someone is telling the truth and trying to prove their innocence they will let anyone and everyone know every last detail of their life in order to clear their name. In this instance, if Mandalay Bay is innocent they would release all the information and video or atleast something--just like every other mass shooting in recent memory. However, they haven't even after a month. Why?

I'll let you speculate but I can tell you it's because their is much more to this mass shooting than we are told and we aren't told much of anything. The MSM has essentially buried this entire story already.

Because of the lack of leadership in government during this investigation citizens can't help but speculate and come up with theories for what happened. Alternative theories of course don't help anyone and have a danger of sparking conflict if they point to the wrong conspirator. I for example, when this shooting first happened blamed ISIS (a retraction that i'm still unwilling to pull because the government hasn't given any evidence to counter this).

Of course I didn't just blindly blame ISIS either, months before this shooting ISIS had come out and directly threatened an attack on San Francisco and Las Vegas and voila we have such an attack:

A chilling new video has been released by terror group ISIS where it threatens both San Francisco and Las Vegas.

The footage shows shaky clips of both the Golden Gate Bridge and the Las Vegas Strip while jihadis praise Omar Mateen, who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub earlier this month.

It is believed the video was released after being made by militants in Mosul, Iraq, while some of the footage was actually filmed on the streets of the west coast cities. [source]
When i've talked to my friends about this they didn't even have a clue that ISIS made this threat and of course the FBI immediately denounced that ISIS had any connection to Stephen Paddock DESPITE the fact that ISIS claimed ownership of the attack saying Stephen was a 'soldier of Muhammad' and DESPITE the FBI a month after the event giving us any answers for what motivated Stephen.

The Islamic State continues to claim responsibility for Sunday's deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas, reportedly on Thursday specifying its claim that the gunman had converted to Islam before his rampage.

The militant group, also known as ISIS, claimed in its weekly newsletter that the shooter "converted to Islam six months ago," according to a translation from the SITE Intelligence Group. The group initially said on Monday that the gunman had converted to Islam "several months ago." [source]

The longer the government goes without giving us citizens any information on this shooting the less credible they look when they finally do release information. After all, everything that they have give us at this point contradicts the previous narrative and the previous timeline.

So, why is it that I, a small (but growing) news site in Alaska is talking about this when nobody else in media is? Because mainstream journalism is all but dead and citizen journalists are replacing the mainstream. It's sad and quickly becoming a reality, at least in my view, that anyone of 'authority' has lost their credibility and should be questioned when such events happen in the future. Since it's without question that this Mandalay shooting investigation has been fumbled embarrassingly bad thus far.

What do you say?

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