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Governor Walker Joins President Trump for Announcement of Opioid Emergency Declaration One of Six Governors Invited by White House to Attend

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October 26, 2017 WASHINGTON, D.C.—Governor Bill Walker today joined five other governors at the White House for President Donald J. Trump’s announcement that his administration will declare the opioid crisis a nationwide public health emergency.

“I welcome this announcement by President Trump and thank his administration for taking this important action,” Governor Walker said. “The opioid and heroin epidemic has destroyed too many lives, and torn apart families and communities. In Alaska, we saw opioid-related deaths quadruple in six years. That’s why I issued a declaration of disaster in response to Alaska’s opioid epidemic, and introduced and signed life-saving legislation. Building a Safer Alaska is one of my top priorities.”


  • February 14 – Gov. Walker issued a 30-day disaster declaration to allow statewide naloxone distribution
  • February 16 – Gov. Walker issued Administrative Order 283, directing state departments to prioritize resources to combat the opioid epidemic and apply for federal grants to fund prevention, treatment and enforcement
  • March 6 – Gov. Walker filed legislation (HB 159/SB 79) to change how opioids are prescribed & monitored
  • March 10 – Gov. Walker filed SB 91 to extend disaster declaration
  • March 21 – Gov. Walker signed SB 91, life-saving naloxone bill, into law
  • April 17 – Gov. Walker announced Alaska’s participation in CDC-NGA project
  • April 20 – Gov. Walker announced Alaska’s receipt of $2 million in federal STOG funds
  • May 12 – Gov. Walker announced kickoff of contest to name drug dogs
  • May 15 – Gov. Walker announces winners of drug dog-naming contest
  • June 19 – Gov. Walker signed SB 55 into law
  • July 9 – Gov. Walker donated $11,000 of his salary towards Wasilla PD drug dog fundraiser
  • July 25 – Gov. Walker signed HB 159 into law
  • October 26 – Gov. Walker joined President Trump for public health emergency declaration

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