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Monday, October 2, 2017

Tom Petty Dies at 66 After Going into Cardiac Arrest

Tom Petty dead at 66 after going into cardiac arrest


The “Free Fallin’” singer was taken to UCLA Medical Center early Monday morning but could not be revived, Tony Dimitriades, the band manager said in a statement.

He died at 11:30 p.m., surrounded by family, friends and his bandmates.

Throughout his prolific career, Petty notched three Grammy wins and 18 nominations, and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002
The Gainesville, Fl. native launched his indelible legacy at 17, when he quit high school to join the Florida band Mudcrutch.
In doing so, he escaped an abusive father; a charming, charismatic man with a violent drunk streak. Music, Petty told Men's Journal in 2014, was a "safe place."

Petty flirted with a solo career throughout, releasing three albums on his own: “Full Moon Fever” (1989), “Wildflowers” (1994) and “Highway Companion” (2006).

He also found time to help meld together a supergroup in the Traveling Wilburys. The legendary lineup included Petty, Bob Dylan, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Roy Orbison, all assuming different aliases under the last name “Wilbury.” The band – in which Petty was “Charlie T. Wilbury Jr” - released two albums to massive critical acclaim and commercial success.

Petty was also considering releasing a deluxe version of "Wildflowers," his 1994 solo album, this year, and treating fans to an intimate, acoustic-focused tour.

He is survived by his wife, Dana York, whom he married in 2001, two daughters and one stepson. [Read the rest]


I have to admit, I am often not a fan of the way the media constantly celebrates when famous people die. Yes, famous people have made major contributions to society, at the same time we have many local 'celebrities' who die in our own communities that way too often never get the recognition that they deserve. That said, Tom Petty has that classic sound that transcended politics--which too often becomes central to musicians after they become famous. This is one reason I believe his brand of music has impacted every generation since his first album.

When I started playing guitar, "Free Fallin" was one of the very first songs that I learned how to play (and importantly sing). His style of music has influenced me in a lot of ways and helped me pass quite a few essays in college. I would put his music on shuffle as I wrote, in fact right now (as I type) I've put his music on shuffle and am listening to "Even the Losers."

Brings back good memories.

Free Fallin'

Thanks for the music Tom!

It's Good to Be King

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