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Monday, October 30, 2017

Watch the Recorded 2017 Honor Fest in Klawock

Jill Lucey the Director of Bands at the Klawock School writes:

THANK YOU so incredibly much for supporting this event. Every single director from EVERY single school had only the nicest things to say about Klawock, its students, school staff, and community members. The list of individuals and groups that contributed to the hospitality room, promoted the event, helped setup and break down, and made donations is huge.

With all that said, I cannot thank the Klawock Tribe enough for the generous coho donation that fed our musicians. Having meals on-site took the burden off the kids and helped them focus on the music. Additionally, I am incredibly grateful for Klawock Heenya's support. The programs were beautiful and our guest conductors absolutely LOVED their stay at the Klawock River Inn.

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