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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Your Input is Needed! The 2018 Halibut Management Measures Faces a 25% Reduction

From the Southeast Alaska Guides Organization:

Yesterday, the International Pacific Halibut Commission (IPHC) released its draft catch tables for 2018 halibut management measures, and the results don't look so hot for 2C.

 Based on the stock assessments and new reference level for fishing intensity, the IPHC estimates that 2C will face a 25% allocation reduction. This new reference level for fishing intensity is the Spawning Potential Ration (SPR) of 46%, a change which benefited our catch allocation last year. This year, however, we had a higher than anticipated level of fishing intensity and are heading into a change in recruitment and the schools of fish being targeted. Though the numbers may change by the IPHC's January meeting, we need to plan what to do NOW.

These changes means that we need you to weigh in for our SEAGO Board members on the Charter Halibut Management Committee. On Monday, December 4th, they will be considering which management measures to propose for 2018. The options right now look something like this:

  • U35":O80" reverse slot limit + 4 fish annual limit
  • U40":O80" reverse slot limit + 2 fish annual limit
  • Shrinking the reverse slot limit + 1 fish annual limit

Which of these is preferable for your business? Let us know by emailing: or calling 907.957.8151 and explaining your opinion to Samantha, our Executive Director.

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